The Truthful 3 Week Diet Review

After failing so many times to try and lose weight fast, I finally found a way to actually lose a pound a day! Read on for my story, or CLICK HERE to go straight to the product that changed my life!

The 3 Week Diet Guide
I was overweight. Some would say obese. Not me, but some. It`s not like I enjoyed being overweight. It`s not like I`ve never tried to lose weight, or even educate myself on how to lose a pound a day. I swear I got to the point where I honestly believed that my body completely rejects eating healthy and exercising . It`s my body`s fault.

I had no energy, I couldn’t get enough sleep. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was on the brink of having to deal with diabetes for the rest of my life. I wasn`t happy anymore. I knew I needed to do something. Take at least a little bit of control over my life. And my body.

I searched online all the time, looking for the next quick fix, diet, pills, lessons on how to lose a pound a day. I tried a few, and of course I was disappointed. It seemed liked everything I was reading was basically myths about dieting. I tried to learn all about proteins and carbs and good fats and bad fats. But let`s face it, I`m not the sharpest nail in the toolbox and I could never keep all this info in line when trying to make healthy food choices.

I needed something simple and effective. Straightforward and easy to stick too. A bonus would be if it could actually motivate me.

Then one day something amazing happened. I read a lot of forums on simple and effective weight loss. In one of the forums was my holy grail. My diamond in a rough if you will.

The 3 Week Diet Guide
The 3 Week Diet was officially introduced to me. This day I will never forget because it is the day my life changed forever. This program consists of 4 manuals to teach you how to lose a pound a day, which I liked. I could read them at my own pace, in the privacy of my own home. The 4 manuals included are:

 1)  The Introduction Manual.

Don`t let this manual intimidate you. Yes, it does talk about the science behind weight gain and loss, and also discusses supplements that are effective for us to lose a pound a day. But the great thing about it is that it is written in simple terms so people like me can actually understand it! It explains to you the exact information of what you need to do to give rid of that fat. This book I could definitely follow, understand and stay interested in it.

2)  Diet Manual

This was a magical manual to have. I learned what to eat, when to eat it, and how often to eat it. This was the simplest method I had ever come across to lose as much weight as I wanted.

3)  Workout Manual

I don`t like working out as much as the next guy, if not more. But let`s face it, it`s something that needs to be done if your on the quest to lose a pound a day. To my pleasant surprise, these workouts are quick, easy and short! they`re only 15 minutes each. I could commit 15 minutes! the bonuses: I`m doing it when I want, and in my own house. Any excuse to not step foot in a gym is fine by me.

4)  Mindset & Motivation Manual

This was the manual that made the difference for me. The diamond in the rough that I was looking for. Motivation. This manuals give tricks, tools to weight loss, but most importantly for me, was to stay motivated. To consistently stick to it. this is exactly what I needed to reach my goals. And I couldn`t be happier.

These manuals are also wonderful because they act as quick reference guides throughout your own diet.


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So here are my ‘pros’ for the 3 Week Diet:

  • It`s 3 weeks! For someone like me, who finds it really hard to commit whole-heartedly to a never-ending diet and exercise program, a 3 week commitment sounds more achievable to me. I just continue committing to 3 weeks, over and over again.
  • It`s cheap! It`s only $37, and you can start right this second!
  • Not only is it cheap, but they also have a 60 day money back guarantee. You don`t like it? Get your money back.
  • It changed me life. And I know it will yours.

I’m trying to think of some ‘cons’ to add, to make it more balanced…hmmm.

  • It would be nice if the manuals were on a audio tapes to listen to, I guess!
  • I have to work out. I still don’t like working out.

So to sum up, The 3 Week Diet is a straight forward, step by step action plan that doesn`t require any crazy equipment or unrealistic commitment. It’s fast and it’s effective. It changed my life and I’m so sure it can do the same for so many people out there.

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