The Secret To Weight Loss Each Day

The cruel reality is that very few of the beliefs about ourselves are our own and most of the times they basically belong to our Mind Body Spirit friends, relatives or acquaintances. Their thoughts about us are unconsciously or sub-unconsciously embraced and we begin to accept them as if they were our own thoughts. By embracing their thoughts, their beliefs and their feelings as our own, not only do we begin to feel that something is really wrong with us, but the motivation and drive to improve our life, our physical and mental health will be, unfortunately, progressively decreased. In order to attend to your body needs you must attend first to your soul and mind needs, because all three are considered a whole and together they define the uniqueness of the spectacular human being.

The body, mind and spirit are interconnected. You cannot make self-improvement if one of these elements is not balanced properly. For instance, if someone in your life tells you that you need to lose weight, you cannot program your body to make it happen if your mind lacks the motivation to do it in the first place. In order to achieve such a goal, it has to spring from within, from your inner being and not as a result of external factors or pressure. You need to want to make it happen for yourself, not for somebody else and not because somebody suggests it to you. The body, mind and spirit need to be on the same wavelength for a successful weight loss outcome. First of all, you need to take external feelings or thoughts some people might have about you out of your mind for good. Just set them free and focus instead on your thoughts and what you really want.

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Try this mental exercise – close your eyes for a few minutes and visualize your new, improved shape in a circle surrounded by a golden light. Try to empathize with the new you and indulge in the pleasure this lovely sight of you is signaling your brain. This exercise acts just like a subliminal message which motivates your brain to stay focus on your weight loss goal and achieve it successfully.

The body, mind, and spirit equation goes like this: spirit (a) – mind(b) – body(c). The spirit is the original element and it should be considered first. This means that you have to try your best to be kind to yourself and learn to love yourself. A balanced, self-loving spirit triggers a healthy mind, which in turn triggers a healthy body. Otherwise, your body cannot work towards achieving sustainable health if you mind and spirit does not think you are worthy of it. If your spirit thinks you are a special, amazing human being, then so will your brain. Your brain needs to send the right positive signals which your body can use to make weight loss a reality. Focus on the beautiful being that you are and visualize the most beautiful being you are worthy of becoming. Try not to take your spirit for granted – instead, motivate your mind to help your body achieve the desired weight loss goal with the aid of your beautiful spirit. Prove your mind that your spirit does not make mistakes as long as your heart is in the right place.

Chakra PictureWork towards changing your mental vibration, by focusing instead on a positive and constructive perspective. Your mind, body and spirit are interrelated, all three should be in perfect balance. Consider them as BFFs. If your body is let down by your mind, or if your mind is let down by your spirit, then the balance is disrupted and the friendship is lost. If your spirit thinks that your mind is not worthy to make the change, then your body will suffer. Hence, if any of these three elements is out of balance, then you cannot move forward towards self-improvement. If you truly find it in your heart to love yourself just the way you are, then other people’s opinion is irrelevant. Because we know that we are beautiful and do not need other people to validate us. If we love ourselves and we admit that we are not perfect, then the change for the better is definitely possible. We are not perfect yet, but we can change. How can we make it happen? Because we love ourselves and believe within our inner self that it is time to change for the better – because we deserve it and we are going to make it happen as such.

With your mind, body and spirit aligned it will be so much easier for you to find things that will give you that motivation to lose weight and keep you motivated to reach what you are truly here to do.

I thought now would be a good time to introduce a video about Chakra Meditation. Since after reading this post you may have a bit more of an open mind about the connectedeness of the mind, body, and spirit maybe you would give this 10 minute meditation exercise a try. Why not, right?

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